Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Vegetable Garden?

Let me sell you on Vegetable Gardening.  
Below are some of the reasons my family and I grow a vegetable garden each year.

Vegetable gardening is outdoors.  It gets you out of the house, away from the TV, Computer, Phone, etc.  You will hear the birds, see wildlife, take in some sun, put your hands in the dirt, watch things grow, and even have an occasional visit with a neighbor over the fence.

Vegetable gardening is productive exercise. With gardening you get that heart rate up while expending physical energy on something that generates food.

Vegetable gardening keeps you home with the family.  Fishing, Golf, Softball, and other out-of-the-home activities tend to divide the family.  Everyone goes their own way.   Gardening as a family IS togetherness - especially when the kids are small i.e. 3 to 9 years old. I had a blast in the garden with our six children during this era of family’s life. Also, working in the family garden was/is an element in our home-schooling efforts.  Many Biblical lessons are understood through agriculture/gardening.

Vegetable gardening is a financial net-gain activity.  Many other activities drain dollars from the family but not so of vegetable gardening. Gardens require initial investment, then give a payback, and even a profit.  Our gardens have done this for years. Some years selling the extra vegetables paid for the garden, while we canned for winter, and consumed all summer long.  

Vegetable gardening gives healthy food.  It has become clear that eating fresh fruit and vegetables is a critical preventive measure for health problems.  Chemicals in the food chain have also become suspects in the cancer mystery.  Eating vegetables from your own garden, grown without toxins, sounds healthy to me!  Not to mention that you cannot do better than the taste of a fresh home-grown tomato.

Vegetable gardening is FUN .  If you like to get outside, enjoy meaningful exercise, want to stay home with your family, savor a profit-making project, and want to eat healthy/tasty… gardening is for you!

Clyde - The Gardening Entra-Manure